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Our Staff

 Eugene P. Nocera, Chair  
 Sheila C. Daniels, Vice-Chair  
 Ed McKeon, Secretary  
 Theodore V. Raczka  
 Franca Biales  
 Ryan Kennedy  
 Ava M. Hart  
 Mitchell Wynn  
 Cheryl A.P. McClellan  
Superintendent Dr. Patricia Charles
Assoc. Superintendent for Administration Enza Macri
Director James G. Misenti
Administrative Secretaries Carol F. Mason
  Christina M. Carta
Career Center Secretary  Laura Atwell
Administrative Assistant
Site Supervisor Dave Regan
Evening Supervisors Fred Silbermann
  Robert A. Novak
Network Administrator Nick Cook
Social Worker Christine Valdez
Counselors Susan E. Langhans
  Lynn Halligan
  Darlene Loukides
  Lindsay White
  Sebastian Campisi
Edwina Newbury
Lead Teachers Sharon Muldowney
Joseph P. Lawler
Family Learning Facilitator
Enrichment Program Facilitator
Melanie Foley
Enrichment Assistant Mary Ann Pasquale
Outreach Susan Ladny
Educational Client Manager
Sarah Bernstein
Office Assistant Linda Adler

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