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Video Conference Facility

Videoconferencing is about connecting people. Itís about improving the way we work, the way we communicate, and the way we manage our business relationships. Face-to-face meetings are vital to the success of these relationships. Maximize your level of collaboration in the fast-paced business world by utilizing video conferencing.

Videoconferencing technology is changing the way business is conducted.

Communicate effectively without
   interruption using real time audio and video
Offer corporate training from one location to satellite sites around the globe
Interview candidates from across the country
Prepare and broadcast CEO messages to employees worldwide
Record legal depositions

What are the Benefits of Videoconferencing?

Increased productivity
Increased participation
Improved competitive advantage
Shortened business cycles
Reduced travel costs
Quick problem solving

Over 60% of face-to-face communication is non-verbal. An enriched communications tool, such as videoconferencing, can enhance an individualís or a teamís identity. Business professionals can waste valuable time using inefficient communication methods that can cost their companies money. Bring the latest technology with reliable and easy-to-use conferencing and collaboration to your next meeting.

The Middletown Adult Education Video Conference facility is available to area businesses and professionals to use at a reasonable fee. The facility features a DSL connection and Tandberg video conferencing system and can accommodate up to 25 participants. This state-of-the-art system can communicate with most video conferencing equipment over DSL lines. Equipment includes large-screen monitors, rear screen projector, video and computer inputs, and a document camera; all set in a comfortable, professional environment. For more information, contact us at 860.343-6044.

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